The Greater Houston Genealogical Society

The Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society (GHJGS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating genealogical information, techniques, and research tools among individuals who are interested in Jewish genealogy and family history. Founded in 1994, membership is open to anyone interested in Jewish genealogy, regardless of religion, and we welcome you to become a member. The GJHGS has members with a broad-range of genealogical skills and knowledge who are willing to share information with both the beginner and more experienced researchers. The GHJGS is a member of the IAJGS  connecting its members with over 80 Jewish genealogical societies worldwide. Learn more about membership and how to become a member.

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The objectives of the Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society:

    • To promote an interest in Jewish genealogy
    • To encourage and instruct members in Jewish genealogical research through careful documentation, and to maintain quality genealogical standards.
    • To locate, preserve and index public and private Jewish genealogical records and make sure records available to members and the general public.
    • To assist and support any genealogical library in Texas which is open to the public.
    • To publish genealogical and historical information in a regular newsletter or other publications as directed by the membership.

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