Membership Details

The GHJGS was organized in 1994 to foster the study of Jewish genealogy and to provide an organized forum in which people can exchange ideas and assist each other in their research. The Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society is a member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies.

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The objectives of the Society are:

  • To promote an interest in Jewish genealogy
  • To encourage and instruct members in Jewish genealogical research techniques
  • To locate, preserve and index public and private Jewish genealogical records and make sure records available to members and the general public
  • To assist and support any genealogical library in Texas which is open to the public
  • To publish or share genealogical and historical information in a regular newsletter or other publications, including emails and website postings

Meeting dates are changed to avoid conflicts with Jewish holidays or to take advantage of special opportunities. Meets are open to anyone with an interest in genealogy.

Some previous meeting topics were:

  • Annual visit from Clayton Library Director. The Clayton Library is one of the nations leading genealogical libraries.
  • Annual field trip to the Clayton Library, a hands-on experience
  • Jewish emigration and immigration patterns
  • The history of Poland explaining how and why the borders moved over the centuries
  • A workshop on the development of personal histories
  • Movies of genealogical and general Jewish History interest, example: “Hester Street”

Membership in the GHJGS is open to any applicant interested in furthering the objectives of the Society. Annual dues (which are not tax deductible) are payable January 1.


  • Receive advance notices of meetings (usually via email)
  • May participate in all Society activities
  • May join an internet discussion group
  • Have access to the society’s website with up to date information on meetings and projects
  • Will have access to the Society’s library including periodicals and books specific to Jewish Genealogy