Research Trips

Galveston, TX (Nov 2006)

A group of members visited sites such as the Rosenberg Library, the Bishop’s Palace, the Texas Seaport Museum(Galveston Immigration Database), the Galveston Railroad Museum and the Strand.

New York City (Feb 2004)

A group of members visited New York City in February 2004.

Salt Lake City (Apr/May 2003)

A trip to the Granite Mountain in Salt Lake City is a genealogist’s dream! A group of members from The Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society visited the Salt Lake City Family History Library Wednesday April 30th through Sunday May 4th, 2003. This might become an annual event.

Future Research Trip Possibilities

Another trip to Salt Lake City or Galveston, a trip to New Orleans or to Fort Worth for the regional NARA facility.